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(standard) INTERVIEW is a straightforward, one-size-fits-all interview which aims to provide an insight into the work of contemporary painters about whom there is little already written.

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Ian Homerston

There is no luck involved here.
Ian Homerston does something that is much more difficult than it looks. He makes spare paintings that are at once serious, engaging and absurd.
Part of the reason these paintings are so good is the efficiency and style of their methods. They manage to do a lot with seemingly very little. Each painting has a hook, an intriguing point or issue about Painting itself; and these hooks are genuinely compelling. They draw you in and point you towards something both primary and deep-seated. They present the qualities of the medium without attempting to over-explain. Moreover, they do so with a purposeful lack of clich├ęd artiness or design, something that gives them an irreverence that is particularly pleasing.