Kim Van Someren

On first glance Kim Van Someren’s output may not appear to fall within my remit. She doesn’t make paintings for a start. I am not, however, going to be constricted by my own title.
Van Someren’s works have much about them to admire. I like the labour, I like the quality of mark and I like the vehicle. Forts are evocative; they have interesting connotations.
The danger with charming work is that it can veer towards tweeness; fortunately Van Someren’s prints are forthright enough for this not to be an issue. Subject doesn’t eclipse the essential qualities of the pictures. They are robust and have a satisfying clarity.  

Vincent Hawkins

Seemingly compelled by a need to move forward Vincent Hawkins’ paintings are characterised by a feeling of experimentation that borders on restlessness.
This unwillingness (or perhaps inability) to settle means Hawkins’ practice is never static, never predictable. This is, of course, a great strength. Constant questing is risky but success makes it worth it and Hawkins’ hit rate is high. Paintings take from their predecessors, processes adapt and morph and the results are exciting.